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Mark Belenkii – Improve your LinkedIn Company Page Performance with Hootsuite

Connecting over 200 million professionals globally, LinkedIn is the largest and most influential professional social network. Are you effectively showcasing your organization on this powerful network?
Join LinkedIn’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Lana Khavinson and HootSuite’s VP of Business Development, Greg Gunn, in a brief overview of LinkedIn Company Pages’ integration within the Hootsuite dashboard. LinkedIn Company Pages helps organizations effectively showcase their brand’s story, engage with followers and drive lead generation. With HootSuite, LinkedIn Company Page management is more efficient across organizational teams and departments.

In this video, find out how this powerful integration can dramatically improve the performance of your LinkedIn Company Page.

Which Provinces Offer the Best Tax Policies?


While it may not be fun to pay taxes, they are useful. In Canada, the provinces vary significantly in their taxation.

It’s a fact. Nobody enjoys paying taxes. However, they are a necessary part of life in a civilized country that provides for all public services from roads and bridges, healthcare, government leaders, education and more. Depending on the needs of a particular state, province or country, the tax rates for many services from home ownership to sales can vary quite a bit. This is especially the case in Canada’s wide expanses of provinces. People looking to relocate, start a business or invest in Canada will want to take note of the current tax landscape to see which provinces are the best or worst when it comes to taxes.

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Sectors that Benefit from Tax-Assisted Investments


It doesn’t matter what you’re planning to invest in, taxes are simply unavoidable. However, there are
a number of investment opportunities that will allow you to receive tax credits, tax deductions, tax
incentives, and other tax benefits from the government at both the state and federal level. If you’re
looking for a way to reduce the investing-related taxes that you pay, you may want to know a little
more about some of the sectors that benefit from tax-assisted investments.

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How to Make Sure None of Your Employees are Security Threats Remote Controlling Software


So you’ve hired a new employee. Everything seems to be going fine; cooler-talk hasn’t changed much and she seems to be fitting in just fine with the rest of your employees. But there’s definitely something off about Sally…you just can’t put your finger on it. Maybe the fact that she’s constantly on her smartphone on some weird app you’ve never seen is throwing you off. Maybe her tendency to look around with shifty eyes every time anyone tries to sneak a peak at her laptop is what’s throwing you off.

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Mark Belenkii – Cleaning Out Your House: Find Out What You Can Donate


Giving away stuff you no longer use frees up storage space and greatly benefits the recipients of your generous donation. This article highlights some places that will accept your donations, whether it’s books, old cellphones or even cars.

Getting rid of clutter can be an unpleasant and time-consuming process. However, crowded closets and overflowing shelves can have a negative effect on your mental health. Clutter can make you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Now, we’re not advising you to throw everything away and become minimalist overnight. Instead, we recommend spending a little time organizing your stuff and throwing or giving things you no longer need away.

Getting organized makes everyday tasks less stressful. Take it one room at a time, clear all the stuff and start sorting through it. Consider donating your items to charity. You can manage to clean out your house and do a good deed at the same time. We’ve highlighted some of the most common things to donate and places to donate them to, below.


Deciding to get rid of old books can be difficult, as they often have sentimental value. However, some of them are only eating up valuable storage space. Knowing that someone else will benefit from them will make the process easier. Make sure you remove any pieces of paper that may have found their way in between pages before giving them away. Your local library will gladly accept your donation. Contact Operation Paperback if you wish to donate books to troops overseas.

Most of us have some clothes that don’t fit us anymore or that have gone out of style. Try keeping a bag in your closet. Every time you find a piece of clothing you no longer need, put it in there. When the bag is full, donate it to Goodwill or The Salvation Army.


There are a lot of worthy charities that accept car donations. The charity sells your car in order to fund their charitable work, gives it to a person in need or keeps it for transportation purposes. You even get a tax deduction. Make sure to check your old car for any receipts and documents and clean it before making the donation.


If you want to give away an old computer, your local school system or library would definitely benefit. Don’t forget to wipe the hard drive before giving the computer away. If you would like to help someone less fortunate gain access to technology, check out World Computer Exchange.


Cell Phones for Soldiers and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence are great places to donate your old cellphone. The first charity provides cell phones for active duty military members and veterans, while the latter recycles cell phones to fund programs that help victims of domestic violence. Be sure to remove any personal information from the phone before donating it.

Kitchen Appliances

There are a lot of donation centers for used kitchen appliances. Clean the appliances before giving them away.

Donating old books or appliances to charity is a small, but effective way to make a difference in the world. It will help people in need and make you feel better about yourself at the same time. Give it a try!